5 Fascinating Facts About the Clitoris

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5 Fascinating Facts About the Clitoris

While the clitoris is an integral part of female sexuality and pleasure, little is known about it. Many people think of it as a mysterious body part, not because there’s any mystery but because most feel shy, awkward, or embarrassed to ask questions about it. 

But you don’t have to feel that way at Female Health Associates of North Texas in Fort Worth, Texas. Board-certified urogynecologist Dr. Jeffrey Hantes is available to answer any questions regarding your clitoris or any other sexual health topic. With compassion and expertise, Dr. Hantes can diagnose, treat, or provide answers about sexual health issues and conditions. 

Here, he shares five interesting facts about the clitoris that will help you understand this part of your body.

Your clitoris is located outside and inside your body

Your clitoris is the tiny nub of skin and nerves that you can see between your labia majora (outer lips of your vagina) and the pubic bone. It also has a flap of skin that covers it, called the clitoral hood.

What you might not know is that the majority of your clitoris is located inside your pelvic cavity. Some have described the whole clitoris as a wishbone, with the nub as the top part and internal arms that branch out on the inside. Altogether, your clitoris is about 4 inches long and  2 ½ inches wide.

It has a lot of nerve endings

The clitoris has the most nerve endings of any part of the pelvic region. A new study found that it’s packed with around 10,000 nerve endings, which is significantly higher than previous estimates of 8,000. This concentration of nerves makes the clitoris especially sensitive to touch and stimulation, leading to sexual pleasure and orgasmic sensations for most women.

It has only one function 

Speaking of sexual enjoyment and orgasms, this wishbone-shaped organ is the only body part whose sole purpose is sexual pleasure. Unlike other sexual organs, such as the penis or vagina, the clitoris has no other known function besides providing pleasure. 

Your clitoris can get an erection

That’s right, erections are not just for penises. The inner part of the clitoris is made up of erectile tissue, similar to a man’s penis. When women become sexually aroused, blood rushes to this clitoral erectile tissue, causing it to become engorged. This is a clitoral erection, although you can’t see it since it’s erect inside, as opposed to a man’s erection, which is visible on the outside. However, in some cases, the glans get hard and large. 

You can alter the size of your clitoris

Like most body parts, everyone’s clitoris looks different and can be different sizes. In some cases, the clitorial hood has excess skin, which can lead to irritation, discomfort, and embarrassment. 

At Female Health Associates of North Texas, Dr. Hantes performs clitoral hood reduction surgery to resolve pain and irritation and also boost sexual confidence and pleasure.

If you have any questions about your clitoris or want to learn more about clitoral hood reduction surgery, call Female Health Associates of North Texas today to ask your questions or schedule a visit. You can also request an appointment online